Setup Google Firebase Dynamic Link App Development

Firebase Dynamic Links are links are set up to be able when a user opens one of your Dynamic Links, if your app isn’t yet installed, the user is sent to the Play Store or App Store to install your app (unless you specify otherwise), and your app opens. You can then retrieve the link that was passed to your app and handle the deep link as appropriate for your app.

This can also be used for referral through which we can know if the installation of mobile application is made through our generated link or not.

After installing the app through our dynamic link, the app will get a specific flag on the first open like the share with friends flag, referral install, and offer installation from we can take action depending upon the setup.

To start setup, we can use google generated link or we can use a custom domain setup. Google self-hosted domain is clean and quick setup but for the custom domain, we need to verify the domain first and update A record which the dynamic link portal will instruct.

  1. Go to
  2. Add URL Prefix

    For domain,
  • Google Self Hosted can be * which satisfies google domain policy
  • Or custom domain like *.xxx

3. Continue to the default setting

Here we can also set up an alias for the URL in the path prefix and update the firebase hosting config to make changes.

4. Verify the domain

Here domain needs to be verified by firebase first. Add the given txt value to the DNS record and click verify. It will take some time for verification.

5. Verification

Here if we are using a root domain like .xxx then verifying the domain only will be enough. But if we are adding a subdomain like xyz.*.xxx then we need to again add an A record for the corresponding subdomain. This will be given by the same interface after adding the subdomain.

6. Add Dynamic Link

The New Dynamic Link button will be enabled and continue setup.

7. Set up your short URL link

Give Deeplink URL for your server setup and add link name according to type.

8. Define link behavior for Apple/Android

This will link dynamic links to our mobile app. Also set up as per the instruction if the app is not listed.

9. Generate URL

After another default setting, we get a dynamic link URL. We can edit, fetch link detail and use them according to our use.